MLM software, Back-Office system

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MLM software

For the first hearing to make an MLM software could be really easy. However, it also has their stumbling block like an average business. It needs capital, marketing, logistics, management etc..

One of the main part of it is the software which can help you handle the whole system in one place. Íou can manage the orders, follow the commissions, log activities.

In 2008 one of my acquaintance contacted me to realize his idea. After a few month his project started in 2009. It was called Napihami.

Meanwhile i was asked for another offer for another MLM software which sold vitamins. It was called Vivagold. In that project i had to solve a lot of unique commission system ideas.

Since then i have been worked on a lot of projects. For example in 2013 i started to develop a startup which was required a deep back-office system knowledge.

By now i have developed a base system for MLM softwares that can expand with unique ideas.

We do not have basic products. We always make unique softwares for different systems. We customize every projects to fit your ideas.

Some possible functions of the created software

Administrator office

  • Listing members by different aspects
  • Edit network members details
  • Display the graphical structure of network members
  • Track network commissions
  • Track and manage orders
  • E-invoice
  • Newletter
  • Send automated emails
  • Realization of individual needs

Member weboffice

  • Show and edit profile datas
  • Own cash flow
  • Current commission informations
  • Check history(Payment,Commissions, Purchases)
  • Network list
  • Graphic network list
  • Team actions and money flow
  • Follow commissions
  • Reorders
  • Multilingual surface
  • Unique ideas
  • Message system in your team

MLM webshop

  • Megszokott webáruház funkciók
  • A tag minősülésétől függő árképzés
  • Jutalékok beváltása engedményekre
  • Webiroda funkciók megjelenítése
  • Drop-shipping beszállító termékeinek importálása, automatikus frissítése
  • Külső beszállítók termékeinek importálása, automatikus frissítése
  • Bankkártyás fizetés
  • Pay-Pal integráció
  • Pontgyűjtés
  • Szerkeszthető tartalom
  • Egyedi igények megvalósítása